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When the Tiger Club we’re thinking about relocating to Wilmington (a historic old airfield) there were posters put up about “hundreds of turbo charged Tigers”. A noise review was requested and all the noise monitors set up and a Tiger flown in. When it taxied up to the waiting committee they said “Oh! We didn’t hear you coming, can you do it again?”
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Gustosomerset wrote:I may be splitting hairs, but it seems to me interesting that they are not the owners, they're leaseholders. Who knows what money they owe, to whom, against the promise of a major and highly lucrative development?They might need the money...if only, initially, to pay their legal bills...

You're right.....that canadian bloke with majority control of the company living in the Bahamas might be down to his last million for all I know
Seems like they’re still pretty determined to pursue this expensive course of legal action.

My understand is; a local planning authority cannot make any agreement with a developer in exchange for a guarantee of planning permission, so if indeed that had happened, the agreement would have been illegal anyway. ... e-council/

The most fundamental tenet of the planning application process is that it's an application. When your application is made, it will be assessed by the council's paid employees (the planning department) and then, depending on a few factors, either approved/rejected directly or referred to the planning committee of the council itself (i.e. elected representatives) for a decision.

In theory at least a council (or its staff) can no more promise approval of a particular scheme in advance than the DVLA can promise you'll pass your driving test. That is not to say that promises/favours/bribes cannot alter this in the real world, though far be if from me to suggest this has ever happened...
And in England, at least, a rejection can be appealed to the SoS, who will, of course, consider the matter with scrupulous integrity ignoring any informal demarches at social occasions :?
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