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Tim Dawson wrote:The French are the worst perpetrators of bad NOTAMs in Europe.

In terms of electronic readability for sure they have a habit of having up to 10 TRAs with specific times and dates within an AIP Sup in one NOTAM. The AIP sup is usually really clear, with a nice map etc, but you have to go and find it for each one (and there could be 4 or 5 or more of these)...and usually its nowhere near where you want to go... They also have alot of Para/Gliding/Aerobatics NOTAMs for all day which is obviously not true, but unlike the UK, for these its obvious from the NOTAM who to call en route, usually the FIS, and they will know.

But in terms of reading and understanding a NOTAM (as per the other thread about CTR hrs) they are certainly more understandable that the ones Ive seen posted on here for Southampton and Southend... :roll:

Regards, SD..
Trent772 wrote:What is wrong with the group description of flock ? It is a term where a flock of skydivers..... errr .... flock !

As in flock ing !

Wingsuiters actually do use the term flock.

My largest jump was a group of 24 wingsuiters (though not in the UK). There's a sequence for opening/deploying when in groups; so at 3000-4000ft they will spread over a larger area - with those at the back actually even turning back (reverse) to the original flight direction of the group.

* note why does this forum block the word flock ing; I had to edit it above.
For the whole of this week, until tomorrow, there has been a large Notam (radius 10nm) between Weymouth and Bournemouth for intense gliding up to 8000ft. This affects all traffic (to/from IoW) squeezing between Bournemouth and the danger areas off the coast. I happen to have had FR24 running on the spare screen and have not seen a single glider in that area (one there now, on the ground). Meanwhile, for several days, there has been a photography aircraft doing east-west sweeps in and out of that zone at 2000ft.
I see this Notam has appeared again this week, Monday to Saturday 0800-1700. I hear a rumour that they are operating there for 3 months, rather than a few days for filming as was said on the BGA website link.
It’s jumping out of a helicopter.
At least there is a frequency to call. So unless there are parachutists in the air when I call up, I’ll just tell them I’m routing through the area, if they are still in the helicopter, they can wait until I’ve passed before jumping, so shouldn’t be too bad.