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By BoeingBoy
It sounded aerodynamic to me. Have you checked all the seals around the airframe structure and in the engine bay? Maybe something is flapping in flight but seems secure and in place to look at?

A perished cabin seal that appears okay from inside but is split causing the tapping might also be possibility.

I learnt to fly in a Junior. It's a lovely little aircraft.

Good luck anyway and I hope you find the problem soon.
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By Stu B
Could it be the DV window rattling? (I also fly a Junior, but have never had a sound like that, though did have an alarming noise when some propeller L.E. tape started to peel away!)
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By Dodo
I had a chance to do another ground run today, but the noise I shared in the original post did not cooperate by reappearing.

The wiring loom seems secure, and it has had a replacement canopy with no DV window (which is a shame actually, I'd quite like one).

Definitely not the keys! Yes they rattle but not the same noise.

The tacho however is certainly noisy and clattery, and I am hopeful that it may turn out to be the culprit.
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