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By MichaelP
Recently I received an email through this forum.
The author thought I had flown his aeroplane and asked me my opinion about it.
I replied that I had not flown his particular aeroplane but another one of the same type, different engine, similar registration.
It was a long time ago, but I shared with him what I remembered.

He apologised for asking!

I wrote back, there is absolutely no need to apologise, I am delighted to help people in any way I can.
So if you have a question, by all means drop me a line, you’ll be justifying my existence!

On this forum however, I have had a few ‘bloody noses’, there is a spider’s web with a few nasties...
It doesn’t help that I can’t stop being the instructor I’ve been most of my life. Sometimes I can be very firm and sound “pompous”.
Flying training and attitudes are very different to what I’ve been used to.
Yes I used the word “safety”, something I’m perhaps over passionate about... I’ve even done a course in SMS and written IATA/ICAO approved SMS for a small charter company and a flying school.
I warn, and I’ve seen accidents when that warning was not heeded!

As an instructor I would be very upset if one of my students came to grief due to me not doing my job properly.
But I’m an instructor from another time and another place and so I should keep my nose out of what is written on here.
It is in fact unprofessional of me to share my opinions on this forum.
So for now, goodbye. You can always email me if you need anything.
I am always disappointed when someone leaves because offense has been taken and perceived as given.

I know we cant always agree, but we can enjoy every colour of the subjects we debate and are poorer for the loss of any part of that spectrum.

I am sorry to see you go.
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By lobstaboy
Life's too short to take offence over something posted by an anonymous stranger on an internet forum, Michael. Your contribution is valuable.

Folk have to make up their own minds about the value of different contributions from people with different levels of experience (we've got everything from WIWOLs to ab intios to Walts).

I think the loss of non-av, where steam could be let off, is having a negative effect on the rest of the forum...
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By David Wood
I’m very sorry to see you go @MichaelP and I hope you don’t. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts which are full of passions, opinions and insights from which we can all learn.

That said, no-one has a monopoly on Wisdom. I don’t always agree with everything that you, or indeed anyone else, say; any more than I expect everyone to always agree with me. But that's life, it’s also in the nature of flying, and it shouldn’t get in the way of intelligent and respectful dialogue.

We look forward to hearing from you again.
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By skydriller
Hope you dont disappear, I have enjoyed reading your posts and various anecdotes, many of which were very good learning points.

But I cant help thinking that on the topic that appears to have upset you, those that disagreed had really good reasons why, and explained them politely without malice. It is possible to do things in two or even more different ways, safely. There is rarely ONE way to do something. We learn by other's ideas and methods, in both directions. Its something I have learned at work as well as in flying.

Regards, SD..
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By Sooty25
over the years I've been a member of this forum, I actually only knowingly met two forumites in person and one of those I didn't have time to introduce myself, however much I desperately wanted to at the time.
However, over the time I've been here, like many others I'm sure, I've built up a "mental database" of who's opinions on here are more credible on which subjects.

When it comes to flight training, conversion on to types with their experience, sensible, trustworthy guidance @MichaelP you are up there in that top 5%. I've personally absorbed information from posts you made before I even joined. For the forum to lose your input, it will be a loss for us all, and any individual that can't see that is probably riding their own ego.

I've not identified the posts that may have triggered this feeling, but I think we all get a few of those. Whilst none of us should ever have to resort to "oi, show some respect" whether defending ourselves or others, but maybe we should. Maybe we all need to remind ourselves that we are not "keyboard warriors", we are above that. :salut:
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By Crash one
Michael P.
You state that it is unprofessional of you to express your opinions on here.
This is most definitely not correct. That is what this forum is all about, the opinions of others, and especially the opinions of professionals such as yourself.
Your opinions are some of the most valuable that are expressed.
It will be a sad bad day for this forum if we can’t persuade you to continue.
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By Aerials
I cannot add any more to the really nice comments already made.

As a low-houred pilot, I have truly appreciated the written expressions of your overwhelmingly long experience and I, with many others, really would like that to continue. I'm afraid there is very little I can give back to flying in general and to you, Micheal in particular. It's a bit late in my life to ever hope to give anywhere like your experiences to newer pilots but I would if I had.

There have been a few anecdotes that some have disagreed with and sometimes I can see their point, there being more than one way to skin a cat.

Please stay.