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Last weekend I visited a well known grass airfield .
On departing I spoke to ATC who advised that I taxi to the intersection of the runways--T shaped and wait in turn to turn left to taxi to the departure point AFTER the aircraft in front of me had taken off.
There were two aircraft in front of me--after the second one
had taken off i turned left-as instructed--and taxied to the end of the runway for take off. I called xx rolling to let other pilots know exactly my intentions
I looked up the runway and started to move.
As i moved forward a taildragger appeared from my right in front of me. I managed to stop while he manoevered in front of m and then took off.
My peripheral vision is fine . I can only surmise that he taxied behind to take off and was about 80 degrees to the side.
It would appear that he had no radio--or if he had one he didn"t use it--so noone could communicate with him.
An absolute menace-my worst experience of bad airmanship in 40 years.
It"s time for all aircraft to be equipped with a radio--no excuse.
A friend who saw the incident advised me that it was a red aircraft with a star emblem on its fuselage,--beware.
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By rdfb
I think you're describing a runway incursion? Isn't that subject to mandatory reporting? Did you report the incident to ATC?

If not, you really should. This isn't about bearing a grudge, or giving someone their comeuppance. It's about saving lives by adjusting things as needed to stop it happening again. Otherwise, next time people might end up dead.
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By AndyR
What type of airfield were you at?

Some of your phraseology indicates that it was full ATC, other bits indicate it was a FISO or possibly AG service?

I ask as this could shed some light on the surrounding circumstances and possible confusion.
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By Joe Dell
I had a phone call on Saturday from an aircraft with radio failure. I told him I'd keep other aircraft away from him while he landed. No trauma. Radio couldn't be fixed. (flat battery not taking a charge). We got him jump started and he flew home. He was aware that I was keeping all other traffic informed of his situation. No trauma. No red star, just to be clear.
Clearly a breakdown in communication in your case. Needs investigation.
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rdfb--I did talk to ATC when I got home. Its always difficult in these situations.---who"s at fault--they"re advisory only --the helpers are volunteers--I understand what you"re saying-it raises more questions. It would appear that the pilot didn"t get any briefing, or if he did ignored it.
They advised that they would try to follow it up.
The basic thing--it seems to me-is that all light aircraft should have a radio --I always take my xceiver with me which can easily be plugged into my headset--.I"ve only had to use it once when I had a radio problem but at around £280 it"s worth it. If someone can afford to fly one would expect that they could afford a xceiver.
Andy----Grass--advisory--2 runways --600 plus metres
JOEDELL--again a xceiver would have solved the problem.
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By CloudHound
I'll be first.

ROG just to be clear it's not ATC. You say advisory so no control.

Are you clear in your own mind the level of service you were or were not receiving?
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By Miscellaneous
No idea about the circumstances in the OP's post, or the particular airfield. However, in the name of efficiency at some airfields, is it not common for two to knowingly taxy at a time to take off in order? Misunderstanding, maybe? :D
misc---A--he must have been behind me taxying
B---he wasn"t with me
C---i was already taking off when he appeared in front of me.
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By xtophe
The level of service is not really the question.
Why the tail dragger did an intersection take-off when another aircraft was taking-off from the full length is the question.

Did the taildragger not see the OP at all?
Did he se see him backtracking and thought wrongly he would have time to take-off and then lost some time?
Does the airfield have rules preventing intersection take-off
Can you see the threshold from the intersection and vice-versa?
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By Rob P
I found the description of the incident too confusing to get a clear picture in my mind. A diagram would have been of great help.

I am assuming 'advisory' means A/G

It would appear to be an all grass field, that the taildragger followed ROG on a backtrack unnoticed (and unannounced), lined up behind him, but then for reasons unknown decided to overtake the stationary ROG and get away first.

@xtophe Where did this intersection of which you speak enter the decription of the incident? The only intersection mentioned was at the far end of the strip, from whence Rog had backtracked

I think :scratch:

Rob P
ROBP --you"ve summed it up succinctly. See my other note in the ether ref intersection --coming your way.
Apalogees ref ATC-I fly from a major airport and ATC slips out-normal wordage, As said should be A/G .
Apart from this guys inexplicable move to go in front of me as i"m actually moving-the other main point was the apparent lack (or possibly non use of ) a radio.
Thanks to all for your contributions--will advise if I hear any more ref this incident.
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By rdfb
Even if it's A/G and not ATC, I think it's still a runway incursion as you were on takeoff roll and so needs to be formally reported.