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Rob L wrote:The press always seem to mention the age:
And what on earth is that fireman doing spraying foam? Watering the crops? If it was going to burst into flames it would have happened long before the Fire Service arrived!


Reporter " Why are you spraying the aircraft in foam?"
Fireman "We must use the foam budget or we'll get a smaller foam budget next year."
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By Rob P
Rob L wrote:And what on earth is that fireman doing spraying foam? Watering the crops?

He's watering the little focke in the hope it'll grow.

Rob P
Interesting this age thing.
Have you noticed that when there"s a crime committed all you get is police are looking for a man--no colour-no age " nuffink " to reduce the whole population being suspected.
I recently had some ageism. I decided to get a check up on my driving via the IAM.My wife was saying that i"m too fast or too slow. The day I got it right she wasn"t with me.
Anyway the appraiser turned up--I Advised the IAM that I didn"t want a spotty youth .
So they sent an ex police driving instructor.
First question--"whose idea is it ROG"? mine I replied. I realised that it"s usually a relation that persuades you to get a checkup.
Next question--is there somewhere that you go frequently? Yes I replied --I go the local airport most days.
Next question--"why do you go there? I keep my aircraft there and I work there as a fuel logistics officer(I help fuel up club planes.
Would you like to see my aircraft-I asked.
Yes-he said.
At this point i"m sure that he thought I had dementia and was going to show him an Airbus.
Anyway off we go to the airport--got to the club-said thatone. AT that point someone came ouit of the club and asdked if I wass flying that day.
No sorry-just having a checkup on my driving.