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Just got back from an hour's bimble on a lovely afternoon in a beautiful blue sky dotted with fluffy cumulus over fields of ripening barley and purple flowering potato crops.

It wasn't until I went to fill in my log book that I realised that it was the 34th anniversary of my first solo; I really should have got the hang of it by now.

I still remember that day, I remember the flight from start to finish, I remember the old boy on the bicycle who had stopped by the perimeter fence to watch the aeroplanes land. I called out to him: "I bet you think I know what I'm doing, don't you?"

Can't remember what I did last Wednesday though.

Just thought I'd share.
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By T6Harvard
That's it, isn't it? A lovely flight on a beautiful day - wonderful!

It'll be amazing if I get to the 34th anni of my solo given my vintage, unless they make serious strides with cryogenics.....

Anyway, thanks for posting your happy memory. May you have many more.