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Planning a VFR (poss IFR if SP IR renewed in time) trip from a SE airfield across to Caen for a couple of days with a mate who's not seen the D Day stuff.

I'm just getting back into GA, been out of the loop for a decade or more and wondered if there were many changes? Covid stuff aside, is it still possible to claim drawback, do I need a GAR etc?

I see Caen is PPR by email and we won't be going for another month but I wondered if there was any advice the forum could offer? I've read the Le Touquet thread but it was an update to the "big picture" stuff regarding a cross channel flight I was interested in.

Thanks all!
The NOTAMs seem to indicate major apron and runway work is ongoing until September at least. Customs notice is long as with most of the French fields away from the North East. I would give Caen a miss this year.
We are currently deciding where to clear Customs on our way back, La Rochelle is now 48 hours as are Rennes and Laval. Cherbourg and Dinard are 24 hours and Deauville seems to be closed with no runway or parking available and they are 24 hours.
Fright Level wrote:... is it still possible to claim drawback, do I need a GAR etc?

Yes, and yes. :D

This lot should help:

Start with the "Why not fly to France..?" PDF.
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