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Rob L wrote:Did you get to Le Touquet Ian?

I did thanks, the I picked up the ATIS just before coasting out. It sounded marginal so I asked for a pop up IFR clearance and an approach, the controller said "sure, but the weather is improving fast" He was right and we landed in decent VFR that just got better and better.

It was 'only' Le Touquet, but after the last four months it was somehow special. The magic carpet that GA provides was working well, and it really felt like a bit of the old normal - a very welcome change!

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Iceman wrote:Where did you eat today Ian ? Were most restaurants open as normal ?

Iceman 8)

We landed, walked to the local supermarket, did a bit of shopping and grabbed lunch at Escale at the airport before walking into town. I have to say it was a fantastic meal, very impressed. Lots of restaurants open in town.

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