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Hooligan wrote:was flown by Bill Greenwood

I helped look after it and clean it one year at Winter Haven when he was down for Sun'n'fun. I shuttled Bill and his wife to/from their accommodation.

One of the other two seaters, PT462, was out in Florida when I was out there learning to fly and I think for a couple of years after that. It was $1600 for an hour. I wanted half an hour in it, but they figured I was too big and too heavy for the rear cockpit. It would have been the best $800 I think I'd have spent that year. Never mind. PT462 is now back in the UK. It was originally built (restored! ;-) ) by my engineers, Aerofab Restorations. possibly for Charles Church.
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Bill came across very as a nice guy on a vintage aircraft forum I was a member of. Shame that the accident ended his ownership of the Spitfire which seemed to be present at most of the shows I attended in the US - he must have had a lot of hours in her!

PT462 was certainly a Charles Church aircraft, I think the first of his Spitfire "production line" to fly - it was restored from little more than a forward fuselage and an engine recovered from an Israeli dump. He flew over a friend's house at Finchampstead in his newly rebuilt MkV just as I was about to drive home - we'd been to the PFA at Cranfield - and I was watching him flying aerobatics at I drove east along Nine Mile Ride. I cut down to the A30, fire engines and ambulances were heading west towards Blackbushe, found out why the next day.