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Post Saturday..... In fact Sunday - The RV12 is moving location to Bodmin.

Bodmin will be the location of the RV12 for a week if you would like to examine, experience or just visit Bodmin and enjoy their friendly airfield and hospitality. The RV12 will be there as well as cups of tea and food. And some jolly, jolly nice people :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :pirat:
What about Norwich ?
c. £35 + VAT for approach landing and handling with hotel/restaurant on airport .

Reduced to £24 + VAT at weekends

Further approaches £17 +VAT

Contact Saxonair for exact costs

No GPS approaches though

No posh biscuits with yer coffee at Saxonair any more though

matthew_w100 wrote:In all seriousness I heard someone doing a practice SRA into Gatwick the other day. I don't know how big he was, but he was giving a reg not a callsign. Is it possible this would be an option or would they turn their noses up at a single? Or charge airliner money?

"Gatwick Director good morning, G-ABCD, request training approach."

The worst they can say is no.