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By BoeingBoy
For information for those of us who subscribe to the FLARM service on SD.

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, the Flarm decoding functionality in SkyDemon that you have purchased has not worked since 1st June 2020. The functionality, which is provided by Flarm themselves, needed an update some months ago (a fact we were unaware of) and Flarm did not provide that update.

Since discovering this situation a few hours ago, we have had frank discussions with Flarm. They offer their apologies, and both sides will put measures in place to ensure this cannot happen again. We now have a fix ready, and this fix will be included in the 3.14 version of our software, due sometime in July (we will release it as soon as we can).

Flarm have agreed to offer all of you an additional six months of Flarm decoding free of charge by way of apology, and we will apply this to your account automatically.