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NDB_hold wrote:Can one get coffee/cake at the JAM at Gloucester without actually paying to go into the museum?..

Whether or not one goes into the museum rather than just the cafe, the admission charge remains the same as ever: £0.0 :)

But at the moment, because of the Covid-19 arrangements:

a. it is easier for us if visitors use the 1-way system which ends up at the cafe, ie going through the museum to get to it, with possible delays if visitors ahead impede the path while all maintain social distancing. However, if one comes to the normal entrance doors (currently the norman exit, and so signed) and explain to the guide there that one only wants to use the cafe (and/or toilets), one will probably be allowed to if this will not overcrowd the ara. There was no problem with that when I was 'on' on Sunday

b. with current opening on afternoons only, and footfall running at about half normal levels, we're doing less fresh baking, so cake may not be available, especially later on Sundays. :( [Coffee and more 'prepared' edibles will be available.]

Look forward to your visit ..
LYDD today---radio call up on way in.
Tea /coffee/soft drinks--cakes biscuits--snacky stuff available at a bar next to pay desk. -O n departing terminal
Pay for eats with landing fee .
Usual friendly helpful staff.
Just clocked that my intended destination for Sunday lunch, Turweston, is of course buried in the middle of the Silverstone brouhaha.

Looks like Sandown again then, unless any one has any other suggestions.

Peter :roll: