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As mentioned you're a week too early for anything other than takeaway meals. There is nothing at Barton at present.

Chester is open with a take away service from the cafe Wednesdays through Sundays and Sleap is offering takeaways from a van most days. After that you're down as far as Shobdon for anything to eat.
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Culled from the other thread, data density quite low. Caveat emptor
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johnm wrote:For some of us old blokes it's whether the loos are open that is really important :oops:

In all seriousness, this is a genuine issue. I'm afraid I have lost all pretence of inhibition and now tuck up betwixt fuselage and tailplane and "examine the rudder". Nobody seems to mind.
Not just an airport problem. Met some bikers for icecream yesterday, as one does in normal times as well. Hanging around in car parks is the usual M O but no loo is a problem for those of the female persuasion. Going to have to get a she-wee :lol:
I have to confess to having had a number of deep meaningful relationships with 380ml Lucozade bottles in recent years. :oops: The neck is wide enough to accomodate most male ego's. :lol:

My wife however assures me that despite experimentation with purpose made gel bags that there is no substitute for finding a proper loo. And apparently using one in a Cherokee is definitely not possible.

Just what do ladies find acceptable in flight?
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Just what do ladies find acceptable in flight?

I recall an interview with a lady CF18 pilot who had to go to pharmacies to buy what she called 'granny diapers' for long deployments, or when on QRA :roll:
I saw that interview - she was pleasingly matter of fact. And why do we get embarrassed about the idea of diapers? Perfectly sensible solution to a problem. I was talking to some guys who race dinghies who can be out on the water for four or five hours. They use them apparently. And having recently extended my diving into the world of drysuits I can see them being valuable there too.
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Just what do ladies find acceptable in flight?

I use the gel bags if necessary. But I only usually fly with my beloved. And I don't wear it isn't a terribly modest exhibition :oops: :roll:
I was going to leave this thread on track to talk about Cafe's that are open but since we're on the subject.....

I have long had a frequency issue for peeing which culminated in treatment for Prostate Cancer a couple of years back (I took the HT/RT route). To be honest I'm pretty well back where I was before the treatment and need to be sure I can have a pee about every hour to ninety mins. Funnily enough I rarely have a problem whilst airborne but as soon as I clear the runway I'm desperate!

As mentioned above I tried the excellent Gel bags sold by some outdoor shops but found that ensuring a downward slope from the seat wasn't always easy so flow back was sometimes an issue and my wife wrote them off immediately as not being of use when seated. She insists women have to squat (for technical reasons).

I've tried the leg bags and condom style catheters that glider pilots advocate (in fact I get them free on prescription) but again the fact that you have to start the flow 'uphill' whilst seated puts pressure on the fit and after one or two 'top ups' the safety of the seal around 'you know what' is not guaranteed.

The only thing that I've found really successful is the 380ml Lucozade bottle with the wider neck (no, I'm not boasting) that will take two average inputs without any problem.

As for emptying in flight I tried this recently from my Archer and found that with the neck just protruding into the airflow from the DV window and crossed controls giving a skid to the right the contents were sucked out into a mist instantly. In fact I nearly lost the whole bottle such was the suction.

How did I learn to skid when emptying such things out of an aircraft.......

.... back in 1970 I was managing a flying club when a Gentleman arrived asking to hire an aircraft as a passenger. He wanted to scatter the ashes of his best friend who'd been a Lancaster pilot in the war. His last wish was to be scattered above cloud over the North Sea.

We dispatched said Gent with an instructor in a Cessna 150 to complete said task and they returned about an hour later with the passenger a little upset so we bid him a fond farewell. As I turned my attention to the aircraft it was apparent that the smart red and white paint supplied by Cessna was now coated with a grey goo from the cabin window to the fin. Guess who's job it was to clean it off......

It wouldn't have been so bad but none of us knew what to use so we started with petrol..... Wrong! That just made it worse. A simple hose down with water was all that was needed.

At least the lesson came good some fifty years later overhead Birmingham last month.... :lol: