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This is on the CAA chart amendments list. Nothing arriving and nothing leaving ever again. Tristars were never going to leave there imho.

Change active civil AD symbol at 522913.00N 0010750.00W to disused/abandoned AD symbol, due to site's closure. Remove all associated text, leaving just the AD name.
I flew in once, for the launch and test drives of some Alfa Romeo or other. Landed on the grass runway and don't remember the arrangements being too much faff.

Generally at these events you are accompanied by some young Clio Cup driver who acts as your instructor, all very laid back, shades etc. They look you up and down, make their assumptions, and the first question is always "so where have you come from today?"

My reply "Kent".

"And how long did that take you?"

"Oh, about an hour."

Instructor sits up and looks over the top of shades "Really? What in?"

Me "That ..." Pointing to the TB.

Never fails to amuse me.

But I sadly never got around to flying in for the Cold War jet taxi days. My loss.
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For the record I flew in/out of Bruntingthorpe on 24/6/19 for the funeral of one of my father's girlfriends (don't ask - it's complicated). I landed on a rough bit of grass in the middle of some sort of car trial.

One could tell that aviation was not high on the place's priority list but the security people who looked after the flying were very friendly and helpful.

Sorry to see it go. RIP
Paul_Sengupta wrote:As a kid going to the St Athan airshows, we always used to shelter from the rain underneath the Vulcans...

It was the done thing :D

When I worked there in the 80s we used the remaining Vulcan's bomb bay as a paint store, always valued being sent for some paint as the way in was through the crew ladder in by the nose leg and I would always stop or five minutes and and have a sit down and a fag in the cockpit...happy days
Dave W wrote:If the Vulcan was full, inside the Galaxy was second best. (At Mildenhall, anyway).

I recall there being loadsaroom in the Gally, but having a nose inside the Starlifter was always more interesting somehow, thinking of the missions it might have flown. Before they were stretched, it was a great shape in the sky, bags more character than the C-17.

Sorry, drifting a bit...
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