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By chevvron
MarkOlding wrote:Ahh yeah I get that - it was me not reading the document properly. I thought it was relating to a winch launch not a tug tow. Thank you.

Booker Gliding Club hasn't used winches since the '60s as far as I recall (could be wrong).
By Lefty
Changing the powered circuit on 24/06 to the south will cause considerable conflict with aircraft that have for many years, been used to routing through the gap between the Wycombe ATZ and the London CTR.

It is already a very busy Choke point with quite a lot of traffic routing through there. Going around, involves a detour of approx 12-14 miles.
By Lefty
The operative word being “IF”
The gap between the ATZ and the CTR is just 1,7nm and we all know that students often struggle to fly accurate circuits, and that it only takes one slow aircraft in the circuit to cause other aircraft to extend the downwind leg.

I fly through that gap maybe 10 or more times per month and despite knowing the area well, without SkyDemon, it would be quite difficult to avoid infringing the London CTR.
I predict a significant upsurge in infringements, somewhat ironic given that Wycombe seems to have a monopoly on doing the “re-education “ flights for pilots that infringe the CTR.
Gliding is resuming at WAP. There's a K21 operating today.

The gliders operate on the SE side of the 06/24 runway. We try not to go too far under the 2500 airspace. If we are on 35, we were yesterday, then on the West side.

We are using 126.555 for our circuit calls.

It looks as if there will be very little power training going on at WAP. Not sure if there are any instructors left.
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bilko2 wrote:Do they still do IR and those vintage simulators?

It was 30 years ago this week I did 3 sessions with Monique Agazarian in her quirky "full movement" sim at Booker before starting my IR in SFT's Aztec sim at Bournemouth. Sadly she died in 1993.

Wycombe Air Centre also had a Link Trainer but I never got to try that.
By bencoder
I was training with LSFS (microlight school/club) there. They've recently decided to move to a smaller private strip for the time being because they found the slot booking system unusable for a flying school.

The new location is a bit too far for me so I've had to change to a school elsewhere.