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They did very well under the circumstances :D . Landed a bit fast, perhaps, but was of no consequence. Perhaps that was because of reduced elevator authority.

Well done for using the M word too; given the possible interference to the elevators, that was a good call. He also knew where he was...his initial call included where his intended landing place would be.

This is an incident reportable to AAIB, as I'm sure will happen.

Baggage doors aren't hinged at the back, so I would be interested to know the engineering diagnosis of the failure. Hinge failure elsewhere? Or latch failure?

In the UK we are quite well trained to use Mayday and Pan calls; my American cousins just don't seem to have that mind set.

Again, well done to those onboard for being very sensible and flying the aircraft!

Best read the thread linked in the original post before questioning the decision making.

The aircraft was massively out of trim and he was having to apply so much force to the controls that the control linkages got bent.

This was definitely NOT a candidate for fiddling around trying to find a nice airfield to land at...
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Was it me or did he say just after the Mayday x 3 that he was landing in (name unintelligible) airfield?

Well done to keep control.

Edit: just read the Youtube cr ap: Is there an airstrip at Membury?
Yes there is: I think he landed at Membury airstrip not in a field.(That's what the sub-head says)

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I know that a video gives an impression of speed greater than that experienced but I was thinking, when is the thing going to stop. The dungbutton was starting to clench when the road tracks came into view.
Good job indeed.

Incidentally, the pop-up ads have switched on - promoting luggage !!