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By chevvron
G-JWTP wrote:About 50 service vehicles parked all over the runway and taxiways with all their flashing lights at max, fences and lots of people in hi -vis kind of gave a big hint.
Thinking about it, hi-vis made the operatives visable from 1500' so they do have a use. :lol: :lol:


Ah you didn't say that!! :eye:
NB: Don't forget that although NATS do Gatwick Approach and Director, Gatwick Tower and Ground are operated by a private company called ANS.
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By clarkeysntfc
This looks fun, but could the pilot expect a sizeable invoice from LGW for the low approach? I think the landing fee is over £2k last I looked :shock:
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By MichaelP

I did the southbound transit over Gatwick yesterday.
There were plenty of vehicles on the main runway as they were doing maintenance.

It’s been at least 33 years since I have done this transit!
In those days it was 1,200 feet over the runway threshold, this time I did it at 2,000 feet, midfield.
‘More than happy with the service I received from ATC and of course I made the nonstandard “Thank you” call when leaving the frequency.
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By Hooligan
In me spotting days when Pontius was a Pilot and Gatwick had a spectators' gallery (about 1977 or 78), zone transits by light aircraft from Redhill, Biggin and elsewhere seemed fairly frequent and alleviated the tediousness of the 2pm to 4pm dead spot when half a dozen 1-11s and a couple of Heralds would land... A Laker 1-11 once both alleviated the boredom and made it worse by doing a (presumably) flapless and brakeless landing on 08 with a hydraulics failure and steering off the side of the runway to avoid an overrun into the 26 approach lights. Unfortunately the airfield was closed for a while till it could be towed clear. With a pair of binos we could also enjoy occasional distant Tiger Club Stampe aerobatics over Redhill... :D

More recently, while enjoying breakfast in the North terminal awaiting a flight somewhere, I was rather startled to see a very low level light aircraft (looked a bit like an ultralight C152) wobble its unsteady way towards the runway then turn abruptly west and disappear behind the trees. I imagine it landed on the Vallance Byways strip. Is that still there? Doesn't look like it...
The museum still is but I think that when the owner passed away a few years ago fixed wing arrivals stopped.

This is worth a watch !