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By Jonzarno
No, I’m not joking! :D

A family friend who lives in Jersey needs to transport a puppy from Yorkshire to Jersey and is happy to cover the cost of doing this.

The dog can be delivered to an address on the mainland, the problem is the sea crossing as the ferries aren’t running.

Is there anyone with a commercial licence (so that the costs can be paid) that could take this on?

I’d be grateful for a PM or email if anyone could do this or knows someone that can.

Many thanks!!
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By Iceman
This is a service that is regularly provided by the CI PPLs as the commercial ops stopped doing it sometime ago. If SteveC is unable then Derekf or WelkyBoy will definitely know someone who can do it.

Iceman 8)
By Lefty
All the Channel Islands currently have a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone landing on the islands. I haven’t seen anything to indicate this has been lifted.

Only exceptions are CAT crew, who have to remain onboard. Worth checking it out.
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By Lefty
Jonzarno wrote:We have just checked with the authorities there and they have confirmed that a pilot delivering the puppy and then leaving again without entering is not subject to that.

That’s good news.
I was recently asked to collect a friend and their dogs who were stuck on the islands and I was told that I would subject to the quarantine. The authorities (not Jersey) told me that only Airline or Air taxi crews were exempt. Perhaps they are considering yours as Commercial Air Transport.
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By derekf
See the following link on how to get approval for essential travel to/from the island by private aircraft - can't see dog transfer getting approved though.
I'm not sure who provided you the info on not self isolating if you don't leave airside but if you get travel approvals you'd probably need to be handled by Gamma (as JAC not operating yet). Also if this is a 'purchased' puppy then as approval comes from customs the cost of the dog (including travel costs) may be liable for GST - they'd need to check
I don't have an aircraft or medical at the moment so couldn't help even if I could get permission (which I suspect would be incredibly difficult until we move from phase 3 to phase 2 which will hopefully be before mid June)