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Hi all- apologies if this has cropped up before - I have skimmed and not noticed a dedicated topic.

We normally have a 28 day rule in our shareoplane regarding currency. This has just been temporarily relaxed and “common sense applies”

I haven’t flown PIC since September.
I now have my medical back after a temporary unfit note. Some of you will know why and things are most improved!

So despite a 10 minute instructor led but me Pilot flying beat up in January - I’ve been out of the game for what I would class as a considerable time....and would normally ask for a check with an instructor...

Now I am considering conducting an extensive TEM and sortie brief, reading all my checklist and procedures (normal and emergency)
And do a spot of ‘hangar flying’ Just to think it through again.

Now I think that, combined with an initial envelope limit of 10 knots within 20 degrees of the runway for the first flight, what do you think?
A lot depends on your total experience and ability which can be very subjective and you can think yourself better than you are so I would certainly urge caution.
If you are going to fly then have a thorough briefing from an instructor then start by going into the local area at a good height (+3000’ agl) and practice general handling, especially at low speed and stalling. Make your first approach a go around and first landing a full stop then have a break and think through how it all went especially the landing - was it the right speed/flat/properly held off?
If you or anyone is stuck for an instructor to give a briefing then I am happy to help, send me a PM with your phone number.
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VictoryRoll wrote:....and would normally ask for a check with an instructor...

I think there's your answer.

In any case, the currency limits are normally 28 days, but you're saying you haven't flown PIC in 8 months. Are you sure it's wise to go up at all?
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Just thought I would offer my conclusion.

Thanks for the words and offer of a chat Foxmouth.

In the end, after nearly three days of self briefing/discussions with people who have flown with me/risk assessments/TEM and check lists galore, and one aborted attempt due to surface wind, (I set myself SW envelope of 5knots or less to begin with) I got up a few days after the post - and most importantly after landing - the aeroplane was perfectly useable again!

I went up again later that week to check it wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t !!

Did some upper air work and wing overs at height (I’ve decided wing overs are a great way to getting the feel of your Flying bottom and the machine again)

No pure aerobatics on either sortie, not pushing my luck just yet...!

I might add that I have seen some people coming back to the game after shorter and longer lay offs and the results have been truly horrific.....

Fingers crossed we don’t have a real nasty.

Enjoy slipping the surly bonds all :thumright:
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By rikur_
VictoryRoll wrote:
I might add that I have seen some people coming back to the game after shorter and longer lay offs and the results have been truly horrific.....

Fingers crossed we don’t have a real nasty.

Indeed. A whilst I have a certain amount of empathy for a hard landing or something where the skills might be lacking practice .... some of the poor decision making is less excusable .... if you're still in the air doing 70kts with less than 400m of runway remain, FFS go-around, don't push the nose down and hope for the best. That's not currency, that's basic training.
Checklists and a willingness to go-around are in order.

As an instructor who flies for my own pleasure with several syndicates, I've made myself available. I've so far done three briefings via Skype, the longest out of practice was 9 months. All have managed to go flying subsequently without breaking anything. One I double-purposed for an expiring SEP rating extension to November 22nd.

I'm sure other instructors have done similar things.

Any instructor without their own material is welcome to a copy of mine if it's any use as a starting point (and anybody who knows me personally and hasn't an instructor on tap, is welcome to get a briefing from me).

Change in regs to include
flights in aircraft where social distancing measures can be maintained - such as tandem cockpits spaced by more than 2 metres, or [b]occupancy of separate parts of the aircraft structure[/b]”
we are now operating and can do flights for currency, tailwheel and aeros training or just get your flying fix