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Released today.

COVID 19 – Preparing to Return to Normal Flying Operations for General Aviation Private Pilots (CAP1925)

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CAP1925 wrote:The purpose of this guidance is to help General Aviation (GA) private pilots return safely to
normal operations following the easing of Government Covid 19 related restrictions on
recreational flying, which has resulted in an extended period of ‘minimal or no GA flying’.
We appreciate that GA pilots will want to return to the air safely as soon as possible. In
view of the extended period on the ground, the CAA recommends a few sensible
precautions and things to consider before doing so. However, you must only operate within
the guidance around recreational flying activities as advised by Government.
As the UK’s independent aviation safety regulator, we understand pilots will be keen to get
back in the air again. It is vital to remember that all pilots will experience some amount of
“Skills fade / degradation” irrespective of your level of flying experience. When government
restrictions allow shared flights with other than members of the same household, we would
encourage the use of appropriate refresher training or club check flights before flying.
Pilots that have not flown regularly since the last flying season or are ‘low hours’ may
consider waiting until social distancing restrictions are lifted so they can conduct refresher
training or a club check flight before resuming recreational flying activities. Pilots who own
and operate their own aircraft outside of a training environment are encouraged to visit
their local Flying Club or School for this.