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By johnm
It goes into an open market, there's only Twotter, Dornier 228 and LET 410 in that sector at present and two of those are pretty tired and one not very flexible...
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By kanga
G-BLEW wrote:..

Back in 2017 FedEx ordered 50, with options for 50 more.


ISTR FedEx were important launch (or early) customers for the Caravan, too; but there were some early accidents with single pilot (bad) IMC and/or night ops. Perhaps FedEx have now decided to go with twins for their thinner 'spoke' routes
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By Trent772
It's a re work of the GAF Nomad by the looks. Either that or a mini Shorts 360 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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By Trent772
Oh - and the Magnix Electric Caravan is slated to do its first flight on 28th May :thumleft:
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By Pete L
Hooligan wrote:Twin Otter is much better looking in my opinion, though that may be my natural Ahhhh de Havilland bias.

I think it's one of the nicest looking aircraft ever designed. It really does have that "just right" look about it.
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