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@zhastaph I heard many compliments regarding your system today, Colin. Mainly how easy it all was and how well organised it made the whole transaction. My cup of tea and a Magnum didn't require the wonders of ICRTouch this afternoon but I might have to tomorrow if I don't get to an ATM soon.

PS: your machine looked great yesterday.....especially as I spent all day, with no flying, on the stupid hangar roller door that still won't work :roll:
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townleyc wrote:Not always, many financial institutions and/or resellers limit both to the standard limit

Most commonly, it's just a lack of knowledge by the operator. I personally aware of one single place where there is effectively a limit on Apple Pay. Our local farm shop doesn't work at all because if the transaction is above £30, the card terminal doesn't even offer that mechanism.

If the contactless symbol appears on the screen of the card reader, then it will work. So you just need to look before trying.

Early days of Apple Pay, the success rate where someone told me it wouldn't work and I told them it would, and then went ahead and tried it anyway was 100%.

Just for our own amusement, and out of a matter of curiosity, we paid for a car with it once... The dealer - who was absolutely convinced it wouldn't work - was quite amazed.

I think most people understand now, and most hardware is capable.
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I'm perfectly comfortable for chip-and-pin for fuel and aerodrome fee payments.

As long as the device is further away from person collecting the fee (think a supermarket) and you keep your hands clean, this shouldn't be a big problem.
stevelup wrote:Our local farm shop doesn't work at all because if the transaction is above £30, the card terminal doesn't even offer that mechanism.

One would hope that has been raised to the new £45 by now. (Quite why they didn't raise it to £50 to make it easier for all to remember baffles me).
JonathanB wrote:I've seen some places with contactless readers where they are setup to take a set amount when a card is tap (e.g. "Tap here to donate £5"). For smaller places this could be an option? Difficult to join up payments with movements though, but could be useful to replace a cash honesty box at least.

I went to Fenland today, and that is exactly what they have. It's all self service, draw fuel and pay by card, go inside and (all alone), sign yourself in manually, spot the card device and "donate" £5 when you wave the card. Just don't do it twice unless you're in a twin (just £10) or are feeling generous! They obviously rely on honesty of pilots for the £5, but are people really that mean?