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By carlmeek
Now we have solved our immediate problem of being able to fly in England my thoughts turn to our stranded aeroplane out in Spain.

It’s a c42 microlight, still with plenty of months left on its permit. It’s a long flight home, typically over 3 days with something like 10 hours flight time.

In order to fly it home, there are quite a few problems to solve!!! Getting there, flying back through Spain and France with fuel and sleep stops. Maybe other unanticipated problems!
If you want it back to UK now, have it derigged and truck it home. Otherwise, if you want to fly it home, you are going to have to be patient for a while yet.

A permit expiring abroad is not a good thing, and almost always expensive - so it might be worth considerIng trucking anyway.
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By carlmeek
I think it's clear it can't be flown back now - but hopefully it might start to ease into July.

Permit good until October, so we've got a bit of breathing room.

Trucking sounds expensive - I've heard £1000 for trips inside the UK so assuming from Spain it's going to be multiple thousands.
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By Charliesixtysix
Its a call you have to make - but don’t forget to deduct the cost of getting there and ferrying home, plus accruing charges whilst it sits in Spain which might bring using a back-loadIng /groupage haulier into the not hugely more expensive ( and a darn sight easier) bracket.
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By Sooty25
For example, a round trip by road from Southampton to Madrid, via Dover is just under 2500 miles.

A 7.5t box van will do around 5 miles per litre on a run, so you are into 500ltrs diesel, plus hire costs, ferries and tolls, assuming you drive it yourself.

Your other option is bypass france and get the portsmouth to Bilbao ferry.

If your C42 has the wingfold option, a flat bed trailer might be an option, but a box truck is safer.

Another option might be, assuming you have someone reliable in Spain, is load it into a container and have it shipped back to the UK.

Obviously, where it is in Spain makes a big difference! Give us a clue!
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By carlmeek
Ah yes,
Forgot how big Spain is!!

It’s in Requena not too far from Valencia.
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By Sooty25
Well, the mileage is about the same!

Is there anyone there who can fly it across to near Bilbao for you?
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By carlmeek
Yes, but the plane in Spain is safely out of the rain.

Tents are fine - fuel through France is the biggest requirement. Last time I heard that northern France is a no-go zone?

I honestly have no idea what the rules and regs are- its hard enough keeping up with the UK
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By Sooty25
just looked up a price for 4 day rental of a 7.5T box van with euro cover and 2 drivers. £870.

Diesel if you drive through France. £650

Ferries & Tolls?

I reckon to recover it by road, assuming you and a mate go for it, you'll demolish £3000 without any trouble at all.

Personally, I'd explore the flying back options, even if it means waiting a few months to see if the restrictions lift.

If it helps, I have a good friend (a pilot) based in Marmande, France who I'm sure would help you with a fuel stop if airfield fuel was a problem. That would get you the first 350miles....

I've got 40hrs on C42, I tempted to offer to,.....hmm....maybe not!