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By T67M
Trent772 wrote:
Iceman wrote:Henstridge has stated that they most definitely won’t be reopening just yet.

Iceman 8)

That is one heck of a rant on the website........

You too will go on the list of no visits....

Agreed! Whether or not I agree with the sentiment expressed, a public message sent in a tone like that tells me that there are people there who are so obnoxious that I don't want to give them any of my money.
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By Rob P
Welcome to Henstridge Airfield….
A friendly general aviation airfield near Wincanton, Somerset.


Rob P
By Maxthelion
Rob P wrote:
Welcome to Henstridge Airfield….
A friendly general aviation airfield near Wincanton, Somerset.


Rob P

Given Geoff's statement on Hentridge's website I sure as heck won't be troubling him with a visit for some time. I agree with his statements, but his tone is so hostile that I'd be frightened of being shot on sight for sneezing.
By Oldfart
Anyone visited an airfield who have had recent fuel supply uplift. Last few days filled up at £1.67 with a free landing .
Do we expect a big drop, as per the oil price next delivery? Or not!
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By kanga
Although I haven't seen anything on their website nor Facebook page yet, a based syndicate pilot tells me that Staverton will be 'reopening' in some sense tomorrow. Obviously, based maintenance operations' and engine maintenance flights, and those of or supportive emergency services, have been continuing.
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By tuscandods
Flew to Sandown today and was superb! Hats off to them, they have a well sorted system for ordering food and paying for landing fees, weather was gorgeous and while I was there quite a few visitors - including a good number from home base of Blackbushe!
Great to be flying again :-D :-D :-D :D
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By Kittyhawk
I was at Shobdon today. They are open for two days midweek, with prepay for landing fee when you PPR and self service fuel , so no-one needs to enter the clubhouse. No cafe at present. It was busy with aircraft and gliding. A lady meets you as you leave your aircraft with sanitiser.

From the website:

UPDATE 18/5/20: We are now reopen to visitors initially on Tuesday 19th May and Thursday 21st May from 09:30 to 17:30 local. Strict PPR required by calling 01568 708369 where we will advise pilots of our safety measures regarding Covid 19.