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By Citabriaflyer
Kemble (Cotswold Airport) has been open for a good few weeks now.

AVGAS is still at £1.35 including VAT and will be held low until September.

AV8 remains closed, but the AV8 staff are running the burger/bacon butty wagon.

All 6 based flying schools are operating and its full of 747s, A320s etc parked in storage awaiting either a new buyer or eventual scrapping.
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By Trent772
And what a joy it was !

Compared to Stalagluft Sherburn, what a breath of fresh air - no yellow jackets, no rules or regulations apart from common sense and pleasant people.

Welcomed by a fellow forumite who had watched our progress, good to catch up again.

The check in process was cheery and friendly, ATC was great and the caff was most excellent. Cheery gals table service, good food enjoyed while listening to the WABC launching in their Spitfire :pirat:

Can you drag it 200 miles north please :lol: :lol:
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By johnm
Went to Perranporth and enjoyed a walk to St Agnes and back visited Hawarden today and renewed acquaintance with my sister at the cafe.

I’d be glad to know of fields where there’s both food and a pleasant walk an hour or so from Gloucester at 130 kias :-)
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By neilmurg
Trent772 wrote:....Compared to Stalagluft Sherburn...
I've only visited occasionally, but I've always been delighted with my treatment at Sherburn and remember fondly when I used to cycle that way, back around the Boer war when Churchill was earning his spurs and we were inventing concentration camps(, what could possibly go wrong?) I assume your tongue is firmly in cheek there Trent. I think I knew your younger brother, RB-211
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By JodelDavo
Trent772 wrote:.....Compared to Stalagluft Sherburn....

Always found Sherburn very friendly, never worn a hi-viz and the cafe has always been splendid..
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By neilmurg
And hopefully:
- the ambitious attempt to use composite blades on the fan, slightly too early (but, c'mon, look at the big brain on Brad [Pulp Fiction?])
- the AWESOME inflated blades I still can't believe they figured out
Turbomachinery was my nemesis course at Uni, the maths was Insane, big respect
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By kanga
At JAM we also have the oldest turboprop blade in the world, a Rotol one made for the original Trent, the adapted Derwent for the experimental turboprop Meteor. 'Double Gloucester (shire)' technology :)
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By gasman
JodelDavo wrote:Always found Sherburn very friendly, never worn a hi-viz and the cafe has always been splendid..

Hi-viz is now compulsory at Sherburn.
24 hour notice ppr is required.
If you live in the North West covid restricted areas you are not allowed on site.
Not quite the friendly club it was.
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By Boxkite
Don't go to Henstridge today if you think you will need the loo:
Sorry folks, no gents' toilets tomorrow (Sunday) probably until Thursday.
If your flight depends on using loos you'd better go somewhere else!

Apparently, they didn't realise that they'd have to clean them after a successful fly-in yesterday.
By 3pm (maybe earlier) there was no toilet paper in the only unlocked cubicle in the gents', and there were no paper towels left.
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By Trent772
And a cracking day out today - went to Northrepps, did the PPR - twice..... once to escape and once to advise we were inbound :pirat:

Cruised down at FL90, back at FL80

Lovely lady knew we were inbound, gave us taxi details, Pat turned up and whisked us to the thrumming metropolis that is currently Cromer.

No1 Fish and Chip restaurant was targeted, I stood in one queue, Nigel stood in the other. takeaway won and we scoffed our lunch in a remarkably seagull free environment - not a one !

Northrepps is such a nice venue, no hassle, great runways, weekend caff facilities.

Normally, Chris does a whole summer of events - sadly not this year.
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By Boxkite
A little corner of Somerset appears to be in Self-Lockdown.
South Somerset has risen from 1.6 to 24.9 cases per 100,000
Dorset to 40.2,Exeter is in the mid 300’s and Poole and Bournemouth rising at 104.
There are more people in hospital with it than in the first lockdown.
We all have a responsibility to one another..
So with immediate effect I am closing Henstridge to all visiting traffic,Other than
For Prearranged visits for Maintenance or fuel.
I am asking based pilots not to land away unless really necessary.And only to fly with Family.
Fuel will be available on fine weather days,by prior request on marginal days.
New Pump operating procedures will be posted..
All based pilots are asked to email details of flights made when Op’s isn’t manned..
Working Radio’s and blind calls are essential.
Social distancing must be maintained…
New Criteria for the operation of the clubhouse are being discussed,
in the hope we can in some way keep it open..I will publish my decision shortly..
Apparently they were ultra-safe anyway. Toilets are not available during the week, not even to based regulars or persons with essential medical or sanitary needs.
And it seems to be safer for visitors to park their aircraft north side and walk across the middle of the active runway rather than park in the more usual vast space on the cafe side.
Last edited by Boxkite on Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:05 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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