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By Cowshed
Gloucester issued an email yesterday detailing their "plan to open with restrictions – Phase 1". The key points are:

· The airfield will reopen on a restricted basis from Thursday 21st May at 09:00 (L).
· Gloucestershire Airport will open between the hours of 09:00–10:30, 11:00–13:00 and 14:00-16:00 (L) daily.
· Normal indemnity policy remains withdrawn at this time. This means that any movements that require to take place outside of the operational times described above will need to be requested through briefing. Requests for indemnity movements will be approved on a case by case basis and may require to conform to slots.
· Home based movements only, unless permitted by the aerodrome authority
· The terminal building will remain closed until further notice. Airside access will be via the pedestrian gates.
· Extension requests should be made through Briefing who will coordinate and respond to the request.
· It will be necessary to restrict movements at times due to reduced staffing levels.
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By Cookie
I was at Turweston today also. Great to see the airfield busy with fuel available and cafe open 9am-4pm (with social distancing and take away food). Info on ordering here:

Flew to Duxford which is open with fuel available. Museum buildings aren't open yet, toilets are open next to Hangar 5, and you can wander around the outside exhibits. Given the glorious weather, I nipped to the petrol station for an ice cream and drink: out the staff entrance and 100 yards to your right. Not sure if the cafe in the Officer's Mess is open across the road yet?

Also flew to Lee-on-Solent on Sunday with Mrs Cookie. Landing fees via contactless payment with fuel available. 15 minute wander down the (not too busy) beach to the town with ice cream huts open, tea, coffee and snacks available from several places.

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By GAFlyer4Fun
Oldfart wrote:Anyone visited an airfield who have had recent fuel supply uplift. Last few days filled up at £1.67 with a free landing .
Do we expect a big drop, as per the oil price next delivery? Or not!

A fuel price drop would certainly help kick start flying.
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By neilmurg
Iceman wrote:Blackbushe AVGAS to £1.26 inc VAT. Visitors welcome, cafe open :thumright:
That's worth a visit! (full disclosure, I'm based there). The UL91's £1.45, we're still using that, for the kids n'all
By DavidC
I can report that North Weald and Redhill were both open today including cafes.

North Weald is open with PPR has the surprise of not charging a landing fee. Their cafe opened a week ago for take-aways (the full English is available!) but I understand the council did not agree with picnic tables being used in the open space outside. While there is the Stansted zone very close to the north, I believe Stapleford is closed - the circuit patterns are fairly close to each other.

Redhill cafe also open with the full menu for take away only, plus payment of landing fees by contactless card. Also PPR with ATC manning the tower but taking breaks as required when traffic permits. Saw the BBC News helicopter depart plus a variety of other movements. The dry period means the grass definitely hasn't any waterlogging problems.

Gatwick no longer offering low approaches now that more commercial traffic is landing there. Heathrow and Thames Radar were combined and granted me a north-south transit overhead London City immediately.

Farnborough LARS North and East NOTAMed inactive.

Fuel prices vary widely with some airports needing to sell their old stock (at old prices) before catching up with the recent dramatic reduction.

Strange times indeed, it seemed there was quite a bit of solo and couples flying, LOTS of gliders, but students and commercial training notably absent. Part of my enjoyment of flying comes with sharing it with other pilots, passengers and students. That's something I miss and hope will be able to return safely in the not too distant future. Meanwhile perhaps some joint solo flyouts may be the next step.