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By ChrisGazzard
I thought it might benefit Flyer Forum users to have a quick list of links to latest aerodrome opening information. I know we are getting a lot of calls, and it would help us if people could check the website first so we can focus on making our airport 'COVID-Secure' and contacting staff to organise returning to work.

So, for Blackbushe, you will find our latest information here:
(as well as on various Social Media channels).

We have targeted a phased reopening of Blackbushe Airport from Tuesday 19th May 2020.

UPDATE 16/05/2020:
We will be open 09:15-18:00 L on Tue-Sat. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

You can read more and our FAQs here: ... -reopening

UPDATE 27/05/2020:
The Bushe Cafe is now open for takeaway, and there are socially distanced picnic benches available.
100LL dropped to £1.26 inc VAT per litre.
UL91 dropped to £1.45 inc VAT per litre.
Visitors remain welcome! (please use our PPR webform for a quick response:
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By Rob P
Old Buckenham remains closed apart from members until Wednesday 20th. Beyond that TBC
By Highland Park
Rob P wrote:Old Buckenham remains closed apart from members until Wednesday 20th. Beyond that TBC

It is worth noting that the café at Old Buck is run by a separate company, not operated by the airfield management and its not yet clear when it will reopen (and how). Once the airfield has reopened to visitors, if you are intending to fly in, it might be worth checking that the café has reopened first...

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By Paul_Sengupta
ChrisGazzard wrote:We have targeted a phased reopening of Blackbushe Airport from Tuesday 19th May 2020, although there will most likely be reduced opening hours, days, and facilities available.

During these times of lower activity (assuming only personal/solo flight allowed), will the CAA allow AFIS airfields to "downgrade" to A/G, and perhaps thence to having no one on the radio at all?

For most of us, all we need are the gates opened, we don't need anyone to be there!
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By RichardDavies
Lee on Solent Airfield (Solent Airport) is open but only from 9am to 16:30pm. Not sure when they will open till 6pm again, maybe that will change soon. Cafe not open of cause. :D
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By PaulSS
Lots available at Sandown. Pay for your food and landing fees before arriving if you like. Your grub is delivered to the collection point and then you get your own picnic table with masses of room between them all. Dan has made sure there is far more than the minimum requirements of distancing and taken a sensible and safe approach to enabling us to enjoy having somewhere to enjoy......providing your place allows you too take to the air.
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By T67M
Redhill open but with reduced hours and strictly PPR to allow the mandatory ATC rest breaks to be scheduled as they're running with reduced staffing (I believe one ATCO per day instead of two).
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By skydriller
Human Factor wrote:Just remember SD, it’s 500ft away.

I wouldnt in a million years think of flying a foot closer.... :lol:
(Might be a bit difficult to "pop over" from here right now though... :( )

Regards, SD..
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By skydriller
Dave W wrote:Everyone, I've split some posts into the COVID-19 and General Aviation" thread in order to keep this one as a more accessible record of what's open.

@Dave W You know, according to the website, Henstrige IS technically open, including the just have to be based there and like strictly regimented rules or come by car on a first come, first served basis... :wink:

Regards, SD.. :lol: :lol: :lol: