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By Rob P
I never met him, but from his presence here I feel I knew him and wished we'd bumped into each other at some point over the years.

Very sad.

Rob P
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By Ridders
Well, the dreadful news came as quite a shock at the weekend. We knew Chris wasn’t too well a few weeks back, through emails exchanged with Caz but had no idea how serious.

I’m so sad that he has left us. We had so much fun at the airfield together, he also taught me much regards engineering and helped me immensely with our new aircraft.

It’s just not going to be the same without him flying the Pride of Deanland (his VP) , having AvChat at the airfield and seeing him in his 1940s Jeep at the Fly In.

Here’s how I will always remember Chris. He is wearing his flying mask and helmet in the back of the Champ, making me laugh almost for the entire flight, with his Flying officer zippy impressions from the seat behind, as I struggled to fly.


I’m going to bloody miss you mate.

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Very sorry to hear that sad news. I looked forward to our annual chat at the Deanland fly-ins and occasional joshing on here. Chris was good company. I shall miss him. Sorry too for the loss to the small community at Deanland.
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By ChampChump
I've been slightly shell-shocked since yesterday's phone call.

I didn't know him as well as some here, but we were somehow on the same page from the first interactions, which may well have been on-line, and that never changed. He gave support and confidence to many, was funny and clever I shall miss everything about him.

I'll miss that VIP vintage transport from the aeroplane to Caz's clipboard, too.

Inadequate condolences to his family and friends, not least at Deanland.
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By Gordon Freeman
Very sad news. I resided in the Hangar next door to Chris for some 20 years and spent many an afternoon chewing the fat, mostly regarding Aeroplanes. His interminable sense of humour guaranteed a laugh on any topic.
Decent sort if ever I met one.
He will be much missed.
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By Charles Hunt
I think Zoe and I only met him the once at the Deanland fly-in 2 years ago. Loved to see his converted Jerry-can mini-bar.

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By Flyin'Dutch'
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By BobD
What sad news. I never met Chris personally, but often exchanged e-mails with him, after an initial contact several years ago. We often discussed meeting up, him flying to Gamston, or me flying to Deanland, or even the LAA AGM, but the ones I attended he couldn't, and vice versa. We shared a similar sense of humour, and I shall miss our e-mail chats.
RIP mate.
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By Rich V
Very sad, and a great shock. I always enjoyed bumping in to Chris in person on a grass airfield somewhere, and also seeing his name pop up on this forum and a couple of others. I shall certainly miss his unique banter. There are some really good people in the aviation world. Sadly there is one fewer of them now.
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By PeteSpencer
Never met him ,but as everyone says a death of a pilot even if only known as just a Forum contributor is a sad and chastening event.

Peter :(
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Someone on here organised a card for an aviator's occasion a few months back - would it be appropriate to organise something similar for Chris?

I have no idea how to organise it so people can contribute and have their suggestions included but if such an initiative took place I would happily contribute, may be nice for those left behind to know he touched so many people?
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