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By JonEBgood
I arranged a100th birthday card for a WW2 Fleet AirArm Pilot a couple of months ago. That included transcribed best wishes messages posted here by fellow pilots.

In this case I think a card containing a print out of this thread would really convey to friends and family a lot of what Chris brought to his part of the aviation community and be very much appreciated by those who would not otherwise be aware of that and the regard his fellow flyers had for him.

I get the impression from this thread that someone would volunteer to do that and the relevant address to post it to could be PM’d to him/her by at least one of the thread contributors?
By patowalker
email received tonight.

Good evening

We’ve just heard from Chris wife, he is being taken up Horsted Keynes High Street tomorrow morning (Friday) at 0900 en route to the cremation. She asked we let any of Chris‘ Deanland friends know in case they wished to pay their final respects.

Sorry for the late notice but we only got the message 15 mins ago.
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By 20West
Just stumbled across this terribly sad news.

I worked with Chris for decades at Gatwick and whenever we came onto stand and I saw him stood under the jet bridge with a headset I couldn`t help but give him a Churchillian wave just to see him chuckling away in the rain!

He would always come on the intercom and say"Well.....have you broken it?" and when you told him it was a "thing of beauty", he would say "ooooooh I don`t know about that, but so long as it can go back and see Mickey Mouse, I`m happy"

Rest in peace Chris and yes......the brakes are set to "Park"
By Michael Bevan
Just want to add to the condolences. I never met him but had several conversations about Veeps and the day job (same trade) with him. He came across as very charming and great fun. Condolences to his family and friends. I hope someone will keep his VP-1 flying. May he rest in peace.
By Crash one
I never met him, I wish I had, from his posts on here and LAA he stood out like a bright light.
Very sad news. Sincere condolences to his wife and family. A big loss to the aviation community.
RIP and clear skies.