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By Flintstone
We used to meet up when I was on sim recurrent training at Burgess Hill, Without the lockdown that would have been this week so I hadn't told him I was coming, hoped the pubs would have been open by my next visit in November though.

Memories of Chris on the Guinness, me on cider....chuckling away as he poked fun at the establishment or as he called them "the cravat brigade". This time last year he told me in an email that having just had his 65th birthday he was fending off retirement and would "keep taking the beer/flying vouchers for as long as possible". Also that having rebuilt his engine he was "planning a sheetload more flying this year".

Vale Chris.

PS It was your round.
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By nallen
@TheKentishFledgling said exactly what I was going to say … sad news, indeed.
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By Colonel Panic
TheKentishFledgling wrote:Really sad news. I never met him, but he always made me laugh and had a lovely way of saying it like it is.

Having only fairly recently realised how close by he lived, and always enjoying his style of humour here, I was going to arrange a meet up in the summer. A classic case of "do it now, don't delay" :(

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By Rob L
That's upset me somewhat.
I had never met him in person (to my knowledge), but was aware of his friendly posts on these pages.