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By Miscellaneous
GonzoEGLL wrote:Don't disagree with anything you've written, but at the end of the day those curtain-twitchers and unreasonable people get to elect local politicians, and those politicians are the same ones who we all want to support our local airfields from the property developers.

Ah, the old rock and a hard place. :wink:
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By Miscellaneous
GrahamB wrote:Someone needs to trace 'P1SS OFF FR24 CURTAIN TWITCHERS I'M OBSERVING THE LAW' but it might be difficult to achieve that within the time and distance parameters.

You suggesting it should be done by a formation flight? :lol:
By PaulB
defcribed wrote:It is difficult to describe the degree to which I detest an informer.

A person gets murdered and a member of the public tells the police the name of the person they saw leaving the premises. The person is subsequently convicted of murder.

Do you really detest that member of the public?
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By PaulB
defcribed wrote:Obviously not Paul. I think there's such a thing as context, but then you knew that.

I did......

I guess the difference in this case is that no laws were broken.

On the FB groups they seem certain that Blackebush reported or MOR’d the flight to the CAA.

Is there evidence to support the assertions that it was BB that reported the flight and would it fit the MOR categories.
By chrisbl
With Blackbushe having their approval to de register the common land they are situated on kicked out by a judicial review, judgement last week, they could have done without this incident.
Whether to report or not - they cannot win either way and the publicity is unwelcome.

The context is important.
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By rikur_
gasman wrote:Sherburn have an ongoing problem with noise complaints from local villagers.
I was told by the airfield manager that flying activity during the “lockdown” would inflame the situation with locals.

Living in one of the localish villages, I think I'd agree with their perception of the sentiment.
I think since the Church Fenton MATZ and associated procedures went, there's a cohort of pilots that don't pay much attention to what they're flying over - causing grief for the rest of us.
Minority of pilots + minority of residents = lot of heat.
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By tomtytom
Iv seen another facebook post today where someone has done a NHS to the east of yorkshire and they are getting lots of praise in the local paper even though its actually bit of a scruffy FR writing compared to some. Nice big sharp letters and set transpoder to Inop between letters gives a neater finish