Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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PeteSpencer wrote:Suddenly flying from a tin shed in the middle of nowhere takes on a certain appeal................

Peter :?

Oi - you calling Little Snoring 'middle of nowhere'?

All right it is - but we rent it, and its open. And we have new windsocks and runway end markers - well at one end of the runway.

And we took delivery of some 100LL at a very good price last week - but it might be even better later but our tank is full now.

Pleased to see some operators are being pragmatic. :thumright:
As you will probably be aware the Government has now eased the restriction on GA activity to allow for essential maintenance flights as outlined in SW2020/086 below. In keeping with Government policy Inverness ATC can now accept requests from GA operators/pilots to conduct maintenance flights that fall within the parameters outlined below. ATC will ask the operator/pilot at the point of filing to confirm that the flight falls within the parameters outlined below. A simple yes or no is all that’s required from the pilot/operator.
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TheFarmer wrote:
You’re the last person who I would place in that bracket. I know how much you fly and how seriously you take it. I also know how frustrated you are about your situation with the airfield, hence my post last night about that (totally separate matter to the cheesey-engine-gate saga). I’m hoping the airfield operators see sense for the long term loyalty from their customers with the furlough vs hassle balance.

Yes, sorry. :( I'm just ultra-tetchy having had an engine health flight scheduled and then binned. There's not even a furlough issue, I can, and have, operated early morning and late evening from the otherwise deserted aerodrome.

Rob P
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tomtytom wrote:
pullup wrote:
TheFarmer wrote:And pray tell what they can do if you fly out at lunchtime tomorrow?


Ban you permanently? Very convenient.

Is that even a thing that can be done?

Yes of course it can be done. It’s the same as if you have a row with your local pub. They can ban you. They are not obliged to do business with you (as an individual).

Same with an airfield. I know of several people who have upset the owner of their airfield and been invited to take their business and/ or their aircraft elsewhere. When you park or hangar your aircraft you are normally required to sign a legally binding contract. In most cases, this contract says that if you fail to comply with the Airfield’s rules, the owners can eject you.

I’ve even heard of a dispute escalating to the point where the owner was asked to leave but didn’t. Then stopped paying parking fees, whereupon the airfield placed heavy objects around the aircraft so that it couldn’t be moved.
Cowshed wrote:And Gloucester is closed, including for "normal indemnity operations", according to the notice they issued earlier in April about the airport closing. The only exception being those operators providing essential support during the crisis. So my take on it, is that we still can't make use of this exemption for engine check flights from Gloucester. Happy to be corrected.

Talk to Ops. Do you have local operator indemnity?
flybymike wrote:
It’s the same with motorbikes at the moment. One or two pleasure rides (clearly not work/shopping trips) giving the entire biking community a bad name.

I use my motorbike for shopping on a nice day.
How can you possibly know it’s clearly not being used for that purpose?

Well the ones that go past my house on sunny days are race replicas with no built-in or add-on storage whatsoever and are being ridden by chaps in skin tight one piece leathers with no pockets or rucksacks.

So I doubt they're going shopping ;-)
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