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@DaveW I'll check and come back.

AOPA have also now published a simple check tool for EASA Licence holders based on ORS4 No. 1374. See here. Hopefully this will help, especially those who missed the On-Track webinar.

When we have a credible version of ORS4 No 1376 for UK National Licence holders we will add to the tool.

Anyone holding and maintaining both EASA and UK National Licences will have to review both of course.
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Great initiative by AOPA, thanks Mick.
Leaves me in a bit of a quandary as my IR doesn't expire till 30th September 2020 and this seems mucho faffo to extend my rating by 7 weeks.

It would have been a different matter if my IR expired at end of April.

Is there a time limit on this while I work out my own salvation?

Peter :wink:
Mick Elborn wrote:Remember, if you only hold a UK National Licence you cannot fly EASA CofA Aircraft.

Nor EASA Permit to Fly, (just one example, Sportstar Max), but not to be confused with the majority of permit aircraft which are on a National Permit to fly
For those still wishing to fly EASA aircraft who have a National licence, both AOPA and the CAA are talking about “converting” their national licence to an EASA one.
Why anyone would “convert” rather than simply “apply” for a new FCL licence I have no idea. Far better to retain the old national licence than to give it up by “conversion” then you could have two licences to cover all options.
Anyway, who knows where we’ll all end up with EASA licensing and Brexit at the year end.....
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