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I had a short chat (only eight and a half minutes this time) with Thomas Borchert, chief editor of the German GA Mag fliegermagazin and Emmanuel Davidson, Managing editor of Aviation & Pilote in France. In the next could of days I should have a short video up following a chat withPaul Bertorelli in the US.

PS I'm not jaundiced, it's just the light/camera and I'm working on a fix :-)
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skydriller wrote:Maybe ask nicely then.... :mrgreen:

That circuits vid has to be one of the best he's done, my non-pilot GF you met in Elba even thought it was funny ... :lol:

Regards, SD..

We did the chat this morning at 6am Florida time, and even though the suggestion hadn't been made, we did have a chuckle about the epaulettes!