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Hi all,

Yes, I know we are grounded, but we must maintain our knowledge so todays video is here

So I thought that I'll temporarily explain more about why the weather is doing what it is doing in the weekend flying forecast PLUS give you a chance to ask any of those burning weather questions.

I'll then answer the questions in the video (they can be anonymous if you like).

Hope you like the idea?


Certainly! Have you taken the course yet? If so, it's including in Module 5, Unit 2 "Where to Find Skew-T's Online 2"

If you've any specific questions you can ask me directly via emails detailed in the course.

Ah okay, that's why I asked! Yup, we deal with where to get the skew-t's for any location in the world, so you can be assured there is a location close to you. Happy to answer any other questions you may have. There are some reviews here and several of the Forum members have done the course too. Simon.

Great idea Simon. Been trying to forecast next day's weather each day including getting wind 180 degrees wrong when low switched to this high!

Two from me

How do you estimate the speed of a front so can assess when it will have passed with better conditions behind?

How to assess the range of cloud and rain ahead and at the different fronts (cold, warm, warm occlusion, cold occlusion?

Many thanks