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By WelshRichy
1. Vans RV8 - already built because my wife won't let me build one! Probably sensible knowing my DIY skills.
2. Diamond DA42
3. Vans RV8

I'd have to use a lot of the money to buy a property with enough land for grazing, stables and an arena for my wife's lifetime passion.
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By CloudHound
I would have to keep my HW-75 Stinson but pay to have it restored to how it was when aerobatic ace and all round totally aviator person Brendan O’Brien owned it. Say £75950 tops.

Then to Rare Aircraft in the states for a Stinson SR-9D in fake Power Petroleum Co LTD colour scheme. $500k

A Vans RV-3B With a Phlogiston wing mod, IO-360 + prop and autopilot. £50k

So with 700k spent I’d buy a house with a strip , treat my dear lady wife Mrs CH and give the rest to Charity.

She’s a lovely girl. :wink:
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By Rob P
1) RV-4 (only because I've never flown an RV-3)

2) My current RV-6. No reason to change it.

3) Beech Staggerwing.

Rob P

If the budget would run to it I might like to incorporate a dH Mosquito. Not sure which of the others I'd sacrifice though
By Hooligan
Rob, I gather a restored Mossie from Avspecs is around £5m (think the figure I saw last year was $NZ7.5m which was roughly £5m then).

CloudHound, have seen Brendan twice in the last day or two - even with social distancing, he is never less than ebulliant!
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By Maxthelion
I already have an RV-8 shareoplane, so that itch is scratched. It's a brilliant all-rounder so covers the social flying, basic aeros, and short field stuff too, so no need for a Carbon Cub.

1. Me 109G for going out and baiting the local Spitfires. Plus it's a very good fighter and an engineering masterpiece. I'd also get a buzz out of mastering the ground handling.
2. MXS or possibly an Extra 330 SC for hardcore aeros. I really get a buzz from competition aeros and just want to do more and more.
3. L-39 or possibly a Hunter, plus a lot of fuel in order to go and tour Scotland from 250 feet and 400kt.
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By Sooty25

But this assumes I'd retain access to existing aircraft. I'd also like the hangar built at my existing strip please, although that would cause the Vampire a few issues so I'd need to relocate that one!
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By kanga
Dave W wrote:Not aligned with the parameters, as they overlap.

Beaver (with float & ski options)

that (for all 3 purposes) would suit me very nicely; or a 4/5 seat Jodel (or Robin DRnnn), with adequate power. Oh and dedicated competent engineer and adequate spares holding also in the hangar, of course. :)

but first fantasy: unhang my headset ... :|