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Dave W wrote:........., and an authentic jeep to drive to the strip when I fly it.


Just to wet the appetite, this was the "follow me" at Francesco Baracca, Italy where we visited a private aircraft museum on a Raduno in June 2016.

If ever you get the chance go there, wonderful people, food and collection.

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By Josh
1. Carbon cub
2. PC-12
3. dH Mosquito

Happy days...

I missed the price/hangar space limitation but if necessary:

1/2/3 - Mosquito
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By defcribed
1. RV-8 with 200hp injected engine and VP prop
2. TB21 with all the latest glass cockpit stuff
3. PA20 with 180hp engine and a beautiful custom paint job involving cream, scarlet, and some stripes :-)

That shouldn't cost more than 375-400k. The rest I keep for fuel and maintenance!

I like these fantasy aircraft exercises, but don't tend to go for stuff where either the running costs are unsustainable or I'm not likely to gain and maintain the necessary ratings.
By sky_high30
1. Sheer flying joy - Waco YMF5
2. Your kind of regular GA flying - erm, short distance touring so probably a Cirrus?
3. Beautiful to look at, even when parked - Tough one. Probably an Arcus M, ASW22BL-50R, Hunter?

Dream hangar would probably have Hunter, Meteor, Hughes 500 or something along those lines. Meh, just go cherry pick stuff from the Flying Bulls collection.
1, I would ask Leonardo (who now own Siai Marchetti) to build me a brand new SF260 Turboprop, But I wouldn't tell them I had £5m to spend because they would want all of it.
2. Cosmic Wind
3. Someone to clean, polish and look after the above.
By Hooligan
Low back Spitfire XIV or a Bearcat - not fussy!
Super Cub
Something fast and suitably vintage for getting around with a couple of passengers - Staggerwing or Spartan Executive do fit the bill nicely.
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By Horbach
1. Aero L-39 Albatros (or a Gnat, smaller and more dynamic, but not as elegant)
2. TBM 750 (with steam gauges, please)
3. Hawker Hind, freshly polished (I initally wanted a Spit or Mustang, but it looks like they're too mainstream)
4. I'm sure there's still some space for a little toy in the hangar: Chipmunk, Carbon Cub, Taylor JT.1 Monoplane, can't decide...