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By GeorgeJLA
1) Something to potter about in the UK. Erm either Chipmunk for pure fun or a 4 seater Robin DR401 / Diamond DA40. Or something Aerobatic like a CAP10NG
2) PC12 for European Touring
3) Spitfire - Any Mark (but IX or earlier) and Merlin engine
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By davef77
For something a little different, I think that for £5 million, I could probably make the greatest aerobatic plane ever. I’d build a carbon-fibre CAP 232 :D 8)

Much nicer to fly than these Extras that are so common these days. :)

Oh, and I’d probably buy an RV4 as a runabout.
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By davef77
CloudHound wrote:Spitfire seems to be leading the Fantasy League :thumleft:

I didn't add a Spit to my entry. It is hard not to, who wouldn't want to fly one?

However, owning and operating one?

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who is a very good aerobatic pilot, he had a go in a two-seater Spit. He said it was a disappointing experience because the plane was operated so far within its limits that, once you got over the ambiance, it was like flying a fairly dull tourer.

It would be great to fly a Spit and wring it out a bit, but you wouldn't would you? It would be doing a disservice to the history and value of the plane.

If I had 5 million, I would definitely have a go in someone else's Spitfire, but I'd probably spend my money on something else...

In my case, building a Carbon-Fibre Cap 232 8)
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By kanga
jerry_atrick wrote:..
3. Can;t decide between .. and Argosy - probably none left of the latter ...

Doubt there are any of these: ... rth_Argosy :wink:

But definitely some of these: ... g_aircraft :thumright: