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By Rod1
When the lock down ends I will be flying an Vans RV6-a for the first time. Anybody got a flight test report/revew on one they could send me please? This one has 180hp and a CS prop so it is going to shift:)

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By User72
RVs are straight forward to fly, the A bit only matters on the ground.
Be prepared to walk around grinning inanely for a while.
It will be somewhat nose heavy, be careful to land on the mains and keep the nose leg unloaded.
With a wobbly prop flaps are only required on short final, definitely not for take off - you have plenty of power to drag yourself into the air and wont get the flaps away in time.
Approach speed is 70kts minimum, it will take effort on final to maintain that speed, lower approach speeds will result in very little float or flare, just an 'arrival'.
Tail strikes are quite easy - use a blip of power if the aeroplane sinks unexpectedly.
I found it took me much longer than I thought it should to learn to land an RV-6A well repeatedly, several 10s of hours. I can't tell you what the key was - it just took a while to get the knack. I ended up landing it like a tail dragger that rolled out with a reasonable view...
Many people find it tricky to maintain an constant altitude in an RV-anything, not unusual, just takes practice.

I know you asked for a flight test report - I don't have one, the points above will see you through the first few hours until you can figure it out for yourself. Enjoy yourself, I've had one for 17 years.
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By Rob P
Link above "Forbidden" :(
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By Trent772
CloudHound wrote:I share an RV-6 with my brother.
The only suggestion I have is our a/c tries to roll once airborne despite rudder so a smidgen of bank against this helps.

You'll absolutely luvvit!

When this nonsense is over, if you drop me a PM, we can soon sort the heavy wing out if you like. I've done 2 12's and an RV6 and have a dedicated omgomulator to squeeze the ailerons.
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By buzzthetower
Some 'naughty' person has been buzzing around Norfolk this morning in an RV-6 (G-KELX). I think that's out of Ludham airstrip. There must be an acception to the lock down rules there!
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By buzzthetower
and G-HACE, G-LEMI, G-HPWA - all RV's. There must be an excemption for RV pilots. I'm going to get me one of these aircraft next tiime round so I'm not grounded. ;)
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By PaulB
All going shopping for basic essentials, obviously.
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By cadoganpier
The owner of one of them ( don't know if he is flying it) is a Director of the LAA, setting a fine example, but like you say he might be a key worker on his or her way to work.
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By buzzthetower
Yeah I expect that 's the case and nothing to do with the amazing weather today!
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