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An exemption has just been issued by the CAA, based on EASA guidance, for the extension of validity of Class 1 and 3 medical certificates.

EASA is working on similar for Class 2 and LAPL so stand by for more information soon.
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You've still got a few months yet to get your one hour with an instructor flown and your SEP Class Rating revalidated in the normal way so don't panic just yet.

As things stand, if your SEP Class Rating does expire it's just training as required with an instructor plus a SEP Class Rating Proficiency Check with a Flight Examiner. The SEP/TMG Class Rating Proficiency Check is not overly onerous, and takes about an hour with a Flight Examiner; it consists of a brief navigation with the usual airwork exercises and a few circuits.

There may be further exemptions issued for GA...we will have to wait and see.

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