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By cockney steve
Barton, from today, no public admittance, Access to based aircraft only by prior arrangement, only allowable movements are to be emergency services, Police and Air Ambulance (both the latter2 are based at Barton. ) Oh, well, the locals had 1 1/2 days where the ground was dry enough for circuit- practice,since January! :|
By Bobcro
[quote="Rob P"][quote="AshleyFlynn23"]I think Cranfield is still open.[/quote]

That's a first :lol:

Rob P[/quote]

The RFFS has been downgraded to CAT 1 whatever that is and L3 are still flying. How can L3 be called essential services. We and they should be in lockdown. The Uni is not closed but surely the UAV testing should have been stopped but no NOTAM saying that it’s canx. There are 4 reasons as to why non essential travel is justified and non relate to flight training, drone testing.

Many of the exec jet flights are medical.
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By FlarePath
ozplane wrote:Just seen a DA40 heading South-West near Cambridge. How does that work?

Didn't you that bit in training? :D

Quite a few light GA about on FR24 one does wonder about the reason to be up there.
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