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By malcolmfrost
Sir Morley Steven wrote:The Bushe is open for emergencies. Here’s the NOTAM
“AD closed to all movements except emergency medical flights. No other
Flying permitted”
As you can imagine this is extremely bad news for businesses that rely on the airfield. I have closed my flying school with the hope that enforced isolation will stop the spread a bit. However I despair at the news that tube trains are packed this morning. What the fkkk is wrong with people?

In this case how do key workers get to work, TFL have massively reduced services resulting in overcrowding....
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@malcolmfrost, do you seriously believe that they were trains full of key workers making essential journeys? If you do then you have a far higher opinion of the general public than I do. Remember how clever the average person is, then realise that, in order for that person to be average, half of the people are more stupid than that.
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By Rob P
Old Buckenham.

Following the PM’s announcement last night we, in common with other airfield within the Airfield Operators Group, have elected to close the aerodrome completely until government restrictions are lifted. We’re obviously monitoring the situation and will aim to return to the previous COVID-19 conditions of operation asap, and before too long normal services.

Rob P