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By Flyingfemme
I’m not a medical person but I have cleaned house for around 50 years and I have a question for those with more specialist knowledge.
On the news we see a lot of people using disposable wipes all over the place to protect from virus contamination. Is there a reason why buckets of hot, bleach water cannot be used? This would be cheaper and more planet friendly.
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By Pete L
For some reason I had a vision of FF in a ballgown and long gloves being very careful not to splash the bleach. :D. But I may overestimated the jet set lifestyle. :D
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By Flyingfemme
ROFL I don’t possess a ballgown; my gloves are the motorcycling type and I’m far more likely to be found in a boiler suit with oily hands. Since I have a backlog of projects around the place I am pretty unlikely to be scrubbing the home any more than usual. Just interested to find out if the “old ways are the best”.
By PaulB
The stream of EK (Emirates) flights towards Europe is absent today....