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Reach for the Sky - just my favourite ever

Battle of Britain - you can teach monkeys to fly better than that, features Duxford

Memphis Belle

Dark Blue World - a totally brilliant film

The Great Waldo Pepper

The Aviator - and the handwashing doesn't look so crazy now, does it?

Reach for the Sky - yes, I know I said that before but it's that good

You Only Live Twice - okay, not strictly an aviation film but it does feature the fantastic Wg Cdr Wallis and Little Nellie
By Cessna571
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[*]The Aviator (Leo dC as Howard Hughes)..

The only aviation film I've walked out much CGI and a Carp cast.

You’ve not seen the recent Red Tail movie then if that’s the only one you gave up on.
By Pilot Pete
Air America.
If you've not seen it, I expect it may not have stood the test of time, but because I loved it then, I'll always love it.
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