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By DarrenL
Posted on the British Aerobatic Academy's page earlier:

I managed to confirm with the CAA that their guidance has not changed for recreational flying or other.

Doesn't bode well, but appears they're basically swerving the topic. Waiting for the DFT to say something is an option I guess. I think I'll just go flying anyway.
By reubeno
See update at: ... -aviation/

Recreational flying in England
Updated government coronavirus advice means that recreational GA flying is now allowed:

from English airfields or flying sites
if social distancing measures are strictly observed
In practice this means that only solo flights, or flights where everyone is from the same household, are permitted. This is because it’s not generally possible to observe social distancing during a GA flight.
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By ls8pilot
The BGA has given the go-ahead so most gliding clubs will be re-starting over the next few days. Flying is single-seat or dual where both pilots are from the same household, with various operating restrictions to ensure social distancing.

Please note that even though there will be little instructional flying the area around many clubs will be busy with solo pilots getting current again, so please keep a good lookout if passing by.

Most importantly winch launching will be in progress, so please do not overfly below the marked max winch height (ideally + a good margin).

Let's all enjoy getting our a*s*s off the ground again!
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Heard some light aircraft overhead this evening. It'll be a while before I get airborne again as the club I fly with has a 6 week recency rule and I'm way outside that now but it was great to hear them flying, such a lovely evening for it.
JAFO wrote:Heard some light aircraft overhead this evening. It'll be a while before I get airborne again as the club I fly with has a 6 week recency rule and I'm way outside that now but it was great to hear them flying, such a lovely evening for it.

I would have a chat with them, if it’s a club rule they may well be amenable to relaxing it if it will get you renting again sooner!
flybymike wrote:It’s not just club rules, it’s syndicate rules blocking many from returning to flying as well.

Seems to me syndicate rules are made by syndicate members. Doesn't make a lot of sense to shoot oneself in the foot. It lies within the syndicate powers to change the rules. I would think most will.:D
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By flybymike
I’ve never seen an insurance policy which stipulated ongoing currency rules which are at variance with the legislative rules.
It’s not up to insurance companies to effectively impose legislation which does not exist in the real world.
It’s bad enough when they refuse to provide insurance to pilots above a certain age.
Straightforward age discrimination and wide open to legal challenge.
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By stevelup
Maybe, maybe not. Almost certainly just gold plating - especially in the case of a private syndicate.

There is absolutely nothing in our insurance policy (and never has been across multiple insurers) about currency.

This simply is none of an insurer's business beyond the statutory requirements.

-edit- crossed with FBM
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By T67M
Our syndicate insurance only requires that the flight and pilot be legal. Our syndicate agreement (paraphrasing slightly) says "if you're legal and you're comfortable, fly". Normally we have two instructors in the group who can help people who don't feel "comfortable", but of course that is trickier at the moment.

My personal belief is that if you treat people (pilots) like responsible adults, they'll behave like responsible adults. If you mollycoddle them like children, don't be surprised if they behave like selfish, unthinking children who expect Mummy and Daddy to tell them what to do and when to do it.

(edited to fix typos)
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By johnm
stevelup wrote:I think it's quite clear from the past few days that the latter attitude is by far the more prevalent one...

and it started in the 1970s when political correctness came along and people were encouraged to focus on their rights and forget their responsibilities :twisted:
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