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#1746724 wrote:The closure of RAF Mildenhall has been postponed until at least 2027.

The Suffolk base was set to be closed in 2023.

A US Air Force spokesman at RAF Mildenhall said: "All decisions for the European Infrastructure Consolidation effort that were announced in 2015 are continuing as planned.

"However, the estimated divestiture date of RAF Mildenhall is no earlier than 2027."
The decision to close the base was made in 2015.

However, in 2017, reports emerged that the US Department of Defense was reconsidering its plans.

In 2018, it was announced that more than 500 RAF and US Air Force personnel and their families would move to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire within the next five years.
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Plans to move tankers, special operations wing from Mildenhall to Germany are put on hold
Stars & Stripes wrote:Plans to close RAF Mildenhall in England and move its refueling tankers and a special operations wing to Germany have been put on hold, the Pentagon said this week.

The “action to divest RAF Mildenhall is on pause until U.S. European Command completes a reassessment of the previous closure decision and the U.S. Department of Defense makes a decision on the future of the installation,” a Pentagon official with knowledge of the matter said in a statement Monday.
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