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Issued: 0900 hrs, Friday 14th February 2020

After a fair and windy start, front will be rattling in from the west bringing rain, heavy at times and widespread storm force winds. Gusts of 70 to 80kts are expected in the west, 60 to 70kts inland. The focus for the strongest winds from Storm Dennis look set to be across England, Wales and Southern Ireland. Snow may affect the Highlands.
Little changes during the day, although winds do ease in Scotland. Note too that it will be evening before rain reaching the far southeast of England, but which time it will only be patchy. Staying windy here though.
Winds becoming SW 30-35kt (F8) but 40-50kt (F9-F10) over southern and western coasts of England and Wales. Nearer SW 35-40kt (F8-F9)in Ireland and eventually SW 30kt (F7-F8) in Scotland.

Staying wet and windy over Wales and central and Southern England as a front only very slowly clears to the south. Rain could be very heavy at times, but probably slowly clears into the late afternoon. A risk of flooding.
Brighter further north with some bright spells developing in Scotland in the afternoon, these affecting Northern Ireland too. However, there will be heavy showers here, some thundery.
Winds SW 35-40kt (F8-F9) in the southeast at first, more widely SW 28-35kt (F7-F8) but 35-40kt (F9) in western Scotland.