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johnm wrote:Shapps is transport secretary a cabinet post one of his junior sidekicks is aviation minister.....

Not sure if it's still the plan post reshuffle, but the alleged plan pre-reshuffle was to restructure the DfT around transport needs, not modes - e.g. urban, rural, inter-urban, international, etc instead of rail, bus, road, air, etc .... so no more railway minister, aviation minister, etc ... but urban transport minister etc instead.
Whilst it sounds a nice concept to be needs focused, still scratching my head at how that works in practice when regulatory framework and specialist skills are largely by mode.
According to DfT website and to Wikipedia, both of which are usually quickly modified after Ministerial reshuffles:

A. Paul Maynard MP is (still) Minister of State with responsibility for Aviation including Heathrow expansion, and for various other things
( His Blackpool North constituency appears not to include the airport)

B. Baroness Vere is (still) the DfT MoS in the HoL, and her personal responsibilities include drones

Of course, it has been known for Cabinet level reshuffles, with concomitant promotions from and moves among junior Ministers, to be followed not long after by major moves among the latter. However, such are traditionally rare after first Cabinet one after a GE. </politics nerd>