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I love Ernie's story, first flew as a 14 year old when he was given a dollar to go to the fair but heard that a guy was giving airplane rides for a dollar so spent it on his first trip, walked to the fair and couldn't go on any of the rides but didn't care as he reckoned he'd had the better ride.

He seems to have spent his life as a private pilot, just going flying as often as he could for the love of it and to share it with others. His wife convinced him that he was too old to fly at 80 and he gave up but when she died 10 years ago, he started flying again.

On his hundredth birthday he said of all the fuss: “I didn’t do anything besides get old.”

One of my favourite lines of his was: “Life is sweet, it really is. So I will take all they are going to give me."

In the first of the videos above he's asked how much it means to him to officially be the world's oldest pilot and he replies: "I couldn't care less 'cos I'm doing what I like to do. I'd rather be the youngest pilot if I had my choice."